Welcome to the Green Valley Connection Kids
    Welcome to the Green Valley Baptist Children’s Ministry Page!  Sharing the love of Christ and teaching His word is a passion that fills each of our Children’s Ministry Leaders.  For your child, we pray.  We know that training a child in the way he should go is of the utmost importance.  Helping children to establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and accepting Him as their Lord and Savior is our primary focus.  Watching children learn and grow in Christ, becoming disciples themselves, is an absolutely profound experience. 
    We are excited to invite you and your children to join us  on this great adventure of knowing Jesus and making Him known.
Blessings, Mr. Zack Budd, Director of Children & Family Ministries
Sunday Family & Children’s Ministry Opportunities
8:15 AM   
Nursery, Room 11
Toddler Connection, Room 12
Team Jesus, Room 7
9:30 & 10:45 AM
Nursery, Room 11
Kid’s Connection Classes
Nursery The nursery at Green Valley Baptist Church is located inside our Children’s Ministry Department, in room 11.  It is available Sunday (infants, ages newborn through 18 months), during the 8:15, 9:30 and 10:45 AM services.  The nursery is staffed by volunteers who enjoy nurturing our youngest church attendees.  Our volunteers also work to keep our nursery a safe, healthy and comfortable place for children to visit.
Children’s Church The Children’s Church uses Biblical stories and values with the purpose of teaching our children about God’s love for them.  We also emphasize the need for all of us, even as children, to be mission-minded in order to reach others for Jesus.  Our curriculum consists of literature which contains Bible stories and activities to teach scripture to the children.  Our goal is to encourage the children to learn God’s Word and apply it to their lives as they grow in body and spirit.  Children still meet in their respective classrooms, and then come together for large-group Children’s Church in the gym!
Toddlers & Kids’ Connection Classes Our Connection Classes offer in-depth Bible study that is customized to meet the needs of each age group.  The teachers offer a variety of learning methods and materials so that each child can make his/her own connection to Christ and His Word.
Security We work hard to keep our children safe by keeping their classrooms secure.  Classrooms are located in an area of the church that is off-limits to visitors who are not part of the children’s ministry.  A member of our Emergency Response Team is always present in the children’s area, near the classrooms and nursery.  All children and anyone working in the Children’s Ministry Department are to be checked-in at the check-in desk before entering.  Infants and toddlers may be dropped off at their classroom doors by parents, but all other children should be dropped off at the Children’s Ministry Department doors.  Parents and guardians are allowed to visit their child’s rooms and will be escorted by a children’s ministry leader.
Check-In System  Our check-in system (located outside of the Children’s Ministry Department) will provide each child, parent and children’s ministry leader with a security tag.  The child’s tag will include the following information: the class the child is attending, the child’s name, allergies, a security code, and the time and date.  Each time a tag is printed, a new security code will be used.  The parent tag includes the following information: the parent’s name, the names of the children under his/her care, the number of bags each child has with him/her, a security code that matches the child’s, the date and time.  Before releasing a child to an adult for pick-up, a children’s ministry leader will match up each child with his/her parent using their security code/security tag.
Special Kid’s Activities and Events
Clothing Give-Away We offer a clothing give-away, now on a quarterly schedule.  Clothing and home goods are made available to those who need them.  For some young families in our community, this give-away is a vital resource in providing necessary items for the family.  GV families and friends are encouraged to donate their gently used clothing and home goods that they no longer need (or want) and join us during the giveaway to help serve, organize and clean-up. Due to a lack of excess storage place, we are unable to store items for a lengthy period, therefore, we would like to ask that all donations be dropped off during the week before the give-away. 
Our next clothing give-away will be held Saturday, October 15, 2022, 8-10:00 AM in the GYM.  Mark your calendars now so you won’t miss it!  For more information on how you can get involved, click HERE
2022 Give-Away Schedule:
January 16
April 16
July 16
October 15