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CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR THIS WEEK’S LESSON (May 17, 2020) WITH PASTOR JASON: ‘A Mountaintop Experience: A post-Resurrection appearance.’
GV family, don’t let the fact that we’re not meeting, physically, in the church building, stop you from staying in the Word with your family!  Pastor Jason has been meeting, virtually, (in order to comply with “social distance’ order), for the past weeks, to make a short video lesson that everyone can use together, to stay connected, each week.  Use the video to start some thoughtful discussions and contemplation, each week, until it’s safe for us all, to gather, together, again.
Stay healthy & Stay blessed Green Valley Family!  We’re here for you!
Families, please use this lesson together, to start some thoughtful discussions with your loved ones!

May 24, 2020 – Up, Up & Away; A post-Resurrection Appearance’ – by Pastor Jason Shipley

Use the following links to access the Connection Ministry videos:

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