GVBC ‘Precautions’ re: the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our greatest desire is to look out for, and care for, all of our people. 

I’m sure by now, we are all aware of the current, on-going, situation, regarding the spread of the Coronavirus, around the world.   We feel, at this time, that it is prudent to take appropriate ‘precautions’ to protect our people and our surrounding community.  Our very first call, is to take care of each other and without inciting panic, we feel, at this time, in order to effectively PROTECT OUR PEOPLE, we need to make some changes to our normal, weekly activities.

Going forward, we are suspending all GV Campus activities (with the exception of Sunday Services), for the foreseeable future.  ALL Connection Group Classes, (Youth & Adult), and ALL Children’s Connection Classes, on-campus Bible Studies, Wed Student Ministries, Prayer Meeting, (and any other campus activities, not mentioned) will be suspended, for the time being.  We will offer Pastor Jason’s weekly “Connection Class Lesson” using the video he prepares for teachers on Thursdays. (please see the link below) We encourage you to sit down, with your family, and watch the lesson together.

For anyone who would still like to come to the live, on-campus services, at this time, we will still offer all 3 Sunday Services: 8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 AM – Each service will be Live Streamed, via FB Live, (and viewable afterwards on Facebook, see the links below).  There are several GV’s on Facebook, you can find us by searching for “Green Valley GVBC St. Joe”.  The recorded sermon will also be uploaded, to our GVBC YouTube channel.  If you do not feel safe, gathering together, in a large group setting, we understand and encourage you to stay safe, keep your family safe, and tune in to the live stream Facebook feed.

If you (or one of your loved ones), are sick, or have some flu-like symptoms, or are running a fever (even low grade), PLEASE STAY HOME – EXCEPT to get medical care.  If you have any of these symptoms, we urge you to stay home, stay safe and seek medical assistance, if necessary.

Our greatest desire is to look out for and care for our people.  These are ONLY PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES intended to keep our people, and our surrounding communities, safe and healthy.  And, in the meantime – UNTIL NORMAL ACTIVITIES RESUME – we will be conducting a “DEEP-CLEANING” throughout our classrooms and facility.

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please feel free to give us a call (M-F, 8-4:30 PM) for assistance, 816-279-3621.