OPERATION Gratitude Giving Thanks

OPERATION: Gratitude
Saying THANK YOU to all of those essential workers & laborers!
We want to thank those individuals and businesses that have worked tirelessly to keep our city running during this difficult season.  So, we’re going to start by thanking all of these people that have kept us going!
Here’s how YOU can be involved.  We’re including links to our website, (with the downloadable links) to the “Thank You” stationary, that you and your family can use, to write out a short handwritten note, to let those essential employees know that WE appreciate THEM, and all they’ve sacrificed, during this time of uncertainty. 
There’s no rules, regarding WHO you thank, just use them for the people in your circle, who have made a difference for you and your family.  Let’s make this a FAMILY affair, have your kids write to someone that they’ve encountered along the way, that made a positive difference, for them specifically.  The first thought is always for those on the front lines, working right in the midst of this storm, the doctors, physicians, nurses, surgeons, medical institutions, doctor’s offices.  But lets not let it end there, let’s reach out to everyone that’s made a sacrifice, to make things easier for us, the civil servants, the mayor, city council members, firemen and the fire stations, policemen and the police station, grocery store clerks, and the grocery car clerks (that allow for contact-less pick-up of your groceries), animal supply store clerks, financial institutions (that have remained open for business), gas station attendants, fast-food drive-thru windows, and restaurant’s curb-side pick-up attendants, veterinarians, pharmacists, building supply and maintenance stores, dry-cleaners, drug-store clerks and their curb-side pick-up attendants, automotive sales and repair shops, your personal meal delivery person (ex: door-dash, grub-hub, pizza delivery person, grocery delivery team), etc, the list goes on, but you get the gist, let’s THANK EVERYONE that had a hand in our city surviving, during this economically difficult time!  
Let’s show our city and surrounding community, that we appreciate their sacrifice, to make things easier on the rest of us, and the time and energy that they gave, did NOT go unnoticed! 
Green Valley, we’ve got this, let’s flood our city and communities with our GRATITUDE!
Click the link for the downloadable stationary:

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