Safe Social Distance Sunday Services




With the city of St. Joseph, beginning to open back up, we’re also going to CAUTIOUSLY open our doors, for “SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCE WORSHIP SERVICES”, this coming Sunday, May 17, 2020, 8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 AM.  Please READ, THOROUGHLY, through the guidelines listed below, so you are aware of the safety precautions we will be taking, in order to allow our congregation to worship together. 

We understand that not everyone is ready for this step, especially those who may be at a higher risk, (and are encouraged to continue to exercise greater caution), and there are some, who would just prefer to wait, a little while longer, before gathering, in an open and populated area.

So, for those of you, who are not comfortable meeting together, physically, we are still going to provide the Livestream ONLINE service, at 8:15 AM, via Facebook LIVE, through our GV Facebook page, and later, available on the website, app and Youtube.  There will also be an FM transmission, on 103.7 FM, available, in the parking lot, for all three services.

PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY through the following guidelines for the “SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCE WORSHIP SERVICE”, for this coming Sunday, May 10, 2020:

  • We will have parking attendants, in order to direct each vehicle as you enter and exit the parking lot. Please follow their directions, as they will help you maintain that “safe social distance” from one another’s vehicles. They will also direct you towards the door you will enter and exit.
  • Our ushers will be on hand at each entrance and they will direct you to your seat. Please use the same path to exit at the conclusion of the service.
  • When entering and exiting the building, please adhere to the 6’ guidelines. Please enter and exit in an orderly fashion, keeping 6 feet away from the family/persons entering/exiting the building ahead of you.  At the conclusion of the service, we ask that all persons immediately exit the building, safely adhering to the 6’ guidelines, so that we are ready to receive the next group of congregants.
  • We will be using folding metal chairs, for both the sanctuary and the gym. We apologize in advance, we know they’re not the most comfortable, but for sanitization purposes, these are the easiest to clean, quickly and efficiently between services.
  • Rows will be set up, with groupings of chairs, with a safe social distance BETWEEN each row and group, in order to adhere to the “6 FEET” safety guidelines. We also ask that all family members sit together. 
  • Once you are seated, we ask that you STAY, at your seat. For the safety of all who congregate, there will be no walking or wandering around. (restroom facilities for emergencies ONLY)
  • We will use the gymnasium as an overflow space, with the service piped in, via a LIVE FEED, through the projector. The gym will be set up in a similar layout as the sanctuary, maintaining a safe “SOCIAL DISTANCE” between each row.

OPERATION Gratitude Giving Thanks

OPERATION: Gratitude
Saying THANK YOU to all of those essential workers & laborers!
We want to thank those individuals and businesses that have worked tirelessly to keep our city running during this difficult season.  So, we’re going to start by thanking all of these people that have kept us going!
Here’s how YOU can be involved.  We’re including links to our website, (with the downloadable links) to the “Thank You” stationary, that you and your family can use, to write out a short handwritten note, to let those essential employees know that WE appreciate THEM, and all they’ve sacrificed, during this time of uncertainty. 
There’s no rules, regarding WHO you thank, just use them for the people in your circle, who have made a difference for you and your family.  Let’s make this a FAMILY affair, have your kids write to someone that they’ve encountered along the way, that made a positive difference, for them specifically.  The first thought is always for those on the front lines, working right in the midst of this storm, the doctors, physicians, nurses, surgeons, medical institutions, doctor’s offices.  But lets not let it end there, let’s reach out to everyone that’s made a sacrifice, to make things easier for us, the civil servants, the mayor, city council members, firemen and the fire stations, policemen and the police station, grocery store clerks, and the grocery car clerks (that allow for contact-less pick-up of your groceries), animal supply store clerks, financial institutions (that have remained open for business), gas station attendants, fast-food drive-thru windows, and restaurant’s curb-side pick-up attendants, veterinarians, pharmacists, building supply and maintenance stores, dry-cleaners, drug-store clerks and their curb-side pick-up attendants, automotive sales and repair shops, your personal meal delivery person (ex: door-dash, grub-hub, pizza delivery person, grocery delivery team), etc, the list goes on, but you get the gist, let’s THANK EVERYONE that had a hand in our city surviving, during this economically difficult time!  
Let’s show our city and surrounding community, that we appreciate their sacrifice, to make things easier on the rest of us, and the time and energy that they gave, did NOT go unnoticed! 
Green Valley, we’ve got this, let’s flood our city and communities with our GRATITUDE!
Click the link for the downloadable stationary:

GV Family Study Connection

your family study connection
CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR THIS WEEK’S LESSON (May 17, 2020) WITH PASTOR JASON: ‘A Mountaintop Experience: A post-Resurrection appearance.’
GV family, don’t let the fact that we’re not meeting, physically, in the church building, stop you from staying in the Word with your family!  Pastor Jason has been meeting, virtually, (in order to comply with “social distance’ order), for the past weeks, to make a short video lesson that everyone can use together, to stay connected, each week.  Use the video to start some thoughtful discussions and contemplation, each week, until it’s safe for us all, to gather, together, again.
Stay healthy & Stay blessed Green Valley Family!  We’re here for you!
Families, please use this lesson together, to start some thoughtful discussions with your loved ones!

May 24, 2020 – Up, Up & Away; A post-Resurrection Appearance’ – by Pastor Jason Shipley

Use the following links to access the Connection Ministry videos:

GV Face Mask Ministry

Hello Green Valley families! As we are all adjusting to our “NEW NORMAL”, a number of you have still expressed a desire to help, in whatever capacity that is needed. However, we’ve ALL been asked to keep our “Social Distance” from one another. That makes helping our neighbors and community a little more difficult. Here’s where YOU come in, we’ve found a NEED and would like to give ANYONE who would like to help, the opportunity to do just that. As you all know, the Coronavirus is an airborne virus, making masks an ESSENTIAL part of our everyday, especially for those people serving in the healthcare industry, as well as anyone who is at a greater risk, ie: the elderly, people with compromised immune systems, children and new babies, and people that suffer from lung issues.


We’re starting a FACE MASK MINISTRY at Green Valley.

There are a lot of different ways to serve in this ministry, you don’t have to know how to sew or even own a sewing machine. Please read all the way to the bottom to find a way to help, that fits you.


There are a variety of locations needing face masks and there are a variety of face masks needed, at this time. The basic mask is made from 100% cotton and is intended to wear over approved face masks to make them last longer. However, wearing the mask alone is better than nothing. According to the CDC, the virus is spread by touching, coughing, or sneezing, and the mask will filter what you cough or sneeze out, as well as what you breathe in. Here is one face mask patterns that we have used, demonstrated in a video posted by the Deaconess Hospital:



*Donate fabric, 100% cotton (no t-shirt material please!)

*Cut fabric, Each adult mask uses two 6×9 inch rectangles

*Pin fabric together, pin elastic strips

*Donate elastic, 1/8 or 1/4 inch. Each mask requires 14 inches (two 7 inch strips)

*Donate bias tape (can be used as ties instead of elastic)

*Donate shoe strings or ribbon (can be used as ties – each mask requires two 36″ strips)

*Volunteer to pick up supplies from donors.

*Volunteer to deliver masks to agencies

*Call nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals, urgent care and doctor offices, etc, to see if they need masks.



please contact us via facebook: Green Valley GVBC St. Joe

or email:


St Luke’s Hospital, in Kansas City is also asking for masks

They will deliver the material and pick the masks up, when you are finished. Please follow the instructions and information on their website, via the following link:

VBS Summer 2020

Vacation Bible School
is coming…Summer 2020
Sun., July 26-Fri., July 31, 5:30-8:00 PM
Mystery Island
The GOOD NEWS is, YES, are STILL planning to offer our Summer VBS program, however, due to COVID-19, the layout and schedule will look a little bit different this year!  Instead of a 5-night program for Kindergarten-6th grade, we’ll be breaking it up, by age groups, and each age group will attend for 2 nights. 
So, here’s the breakdown: 
PreK & Kindergarten – Sunday/Monday
1st & 2nd Grade – Tuesday/Wednesday
3rd – 6th – Thursday/Friday
Is there just one God?….Who is God?….What is God like?….Does God love me?…Can I know God?
Our kids grapple with questions like these every day.  At Mystery Island, we’ll uncover the truth about our Creator God!  There’s a sea of confusion about who God is and what he’s like, so we’ll track down the one true God and learn how amazing he is through the pages of Scripture.
Mystery Island VBS is packed with teaching that connects the Bible to the real world and gives kids a better understanding of our awe-inspiring Creator and the salvation he offers through Jesus Christ.
Each day, kids learn more about one of God’s amazing attributes (great, almighty, ruler, Emmanuel, trustworthy) and how that applies to their lives.
Grab your sunscreen and get ready for a taste of paradise as you track down the one true God at Mystery Island!
The day begins at the Islander Assembly, a supercharged opening complete with entertaining welcomes, rockin’ songs, a mission moment, and prayer.  Then we’re off to four fun rotations sites:
After finishing the night’s rotations, everyone heads back to the Islander Assembly for the closing that includes more singing, a Creature Feature, contest results, and the hugely anticipated daily drama.